Structure of the Governing Body

We can have a total of 12 governors; this is laid down in our “Instrument of Government” which is the legal basis of any school governing body.
We must have a majority of “Foundation Governors”: these are governors nominated by either the Parochial Church Council, or from the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education. In our case we have 8 Foundation Governors, which includes an ex-officio member (3 of whom should be parents of children at school if possible). There are two elected “Parent Governors” (this number is dictated by the number of pupils at the school). There is one representative nominated from the LA. Finally there is a staff representative and a clerk. We also have a co-opted governor from the staff. The Headteacher has the option of joining the governing body and our head has elected to serve. Governors normally serve for a period of 4 years.

Below is the list of governors, their designation and term of office end date.

If you wish to contact a governor, please do so via the school office.

Local Authority Representative (LA) Mr. Stuart Hemingway – 05.’26
Ex-Officio Rev. Jane Lee – 10.’26
Foundation Governors Mrs Rachael Booth – 02.’26

Mrs. Liz Thompson – resigned 10.’21

Mr. Adrian Williams – 10.’26

Mrs. Lynsey Elliott – 02.’22 end of term

Mrs. Jean White – 02.’26

Mrs. Fiona Brodie – resigned 10.’21

Dr. Holmes – 02.’24 – resigned 10.’22
Mr. Martyn Fawcett – 05.’26
Mrs. Julie Gibson – 01.’25
Headteacher Mr. K. Stafford-Roberts – 08.’25
Parent Representatives Mr. Neil Hunter – 05.’26

Mr. Matt Auger – resigned 02.’22

Mrs. Janine Mair – 10.’23 (Chair)

Staff Representative
Mrs. Sue Browne – 12.’23
Clerk to the Governors Ms. Sarah Prince (LA)

To help you get to know your governors we have provided a brief description of ourselves and any financial or business interests / positions on ours and other governing bodies.

Mr Kerry Stafford-Roberts – Headteacher

I have been in education for over 32 years as a teacher, Local Authority Adviser, Governor and Headteacher. I am currently Headteacher and on the Governing Body of both Hornby and Leck schools. I am married to Jacqueline and have three children, my youngest currently at university. We live near Kendal. When I am not working I enjoy outdoor pursuits, DIY and volunteer for the Ambulance Service as a First Responder and with Kentdale 1st Aid.

Mr. Stuart Hemingway –

Chair; Finance & Staffing. Curriculum & Admissions Committee, Premises, Health & Safety Committee,

I have worked in schools for over forty years in secondary education as a teacher  and Head teacher. For most of my career I have worked in Leeds, eventually retiring in 2012. I really enjoyed my time in schools and was very lucky to be able to work with gifted colleagues and brilliantly talented children. I was especially interested in SEN. Between 2012 and 2014 I worked as an education adviser for an organisation working with businesses and encouraging their involvement in schools.
Our sons & daughters live mainly in and around Leeds but we moved to Tunstall in 2012 and we thoroughly love  the rural way of life and the fresh air of North Lancashire. I now have time for reading as well as practicing my guitar and game of golf.  I have also started to learn to speak Spanish  which is proving to be as embarrassing as my guitar playing and golf!

Mrs Sue Browne – Curriculum & Admissions Committee

After completing my teacher training, in Worcester, I started my teaching career working at a school in Oldham. After several years I moved back to the area I had grown up in and began teaching at Leck. I have been here 27 years working full-time in the EYFS/KS1 class until having my own family when I became part time. I was a governor at Leck for approximately 12 years before taking a break and becoming a governor at my children’s school. I am now back as a governor of Leck. After juggling the roles of teacher and Mum any spare time I have is spent reading, walking and taking part in a variety of craft activities, particularly embroidery and applique.

Mr. Martyn Fawcett – Clerk; Finance and Staffing

I have been a foundation governor since late 2017. I have 3 children, all of whom attend Leck St Peters. I attended this excellent, small country school for the full duration of my primary education and have very fond memories of my time there. I have no background in education whatsoever, but  have enjoyed learning a little bit about how this sector operates. I have been, and still am, involved in business locally since I left the local secondary school. My wife and I now run a couple of small businesses. In my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and attending my local church.

Mrs Janine Mair – Chair of Governors, Chair; Premises, Health and Safety

I have tried and tested a variety of careers, including working in outdoor pursuits, managing a youth hostel, being an occupational therapist and a matron in a boys boarding house. Currently, I look after our little holiday cottage in the Dales and run around after my two children. My eldest is at QES and my youngest attends Leck. We are delighted with this fantastic little school and hope my variety of skills gained throughout life can be brought into use as a parent governor.

Mrs Jean White -Curriculum & Admissions Committee

After training in Lancaster I worked in local Primary schools for 40 years, teaching  KS1/EYFS until I retired and serving as a Staff Governor at my last school for 12 years.

I have 3 grown up children and 2 granddaughters, who now live in Yorkshire and Cheshire. I moved to Leck just over 5 years ago and have since then become a Parish Councillor, a member of the P.C.C. and a member of Fraser Hall Committee. My spare time is spent improving our garden, walking with our dog and indulging my love of history both here and abroad.

Mrs Julie Gibson – Premises, Health and Safety

I am a non-practising veterinary surgeon serving on British Veterinary Association Policy Committee and currently undertaking a PhD in clinical governance and regulation. Based at the University of Nottingham, I hold a position at the Centre of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine, a multi-disciplinary team who promote evidence-based education both within the university and in collaboration with external bodies. My two children attend Leck St Peters. As a family we enjoy running our small holding and participating in various outdoor pursuits.

Governor Attendance last academic year

Actual / Possible

Martyn Fawcett 5/6
Stuart Hemingway 11/12
Kerry Stafford-Roberts 12/12
Dr. Holmes 6/6
Rachael Booth 2/2
Lynsey Elliott 4/4
Sue Browne 3/6
Liz Thompson 2/6
Julie Gibson 5/6
Janine Mair 6/6
Neil Hunter 1/1
Jean White 2/3
Matt Auger 0/6